Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Alphabet ATC's - T, U, V & W

A very warm HI to all my friends! Hope you have all been keeping very well and were able to do lots and lots of crafting!

Here's some more of the ATC's that I did for our ongoing alphabet swap on our rubber stamp group. These were done in record time and in between packing - had to do them before I could pack up my craft room on the other side three months ago, because I did not know how long it would be before I would have a craft room at the new house. Just as well, as it would have been too late if I started with them once my goodies were unpacked.

'T' for Tortoise. The hat and flower is 3D. The edge was dipped in tea leaves, which is of cause also "T".

'U' for Umbrella. It was stamped on a crinkly kind of paper to try and give it a lace effect.

 'V' for Vase with Flowers.  I've put mirror tape between the black and the red board and also a piece of transparent film. I did not want the little cupped sequins to come off when the ATC is handled and this was my best solution. Almost like a little shaker card - just without anything inside to shake :-)

'W' for Wheelbarrow. The yellow checkered body of the wheelbarrow was paper pieced. First time I done this technique.

If I remember correctly, all of the stamps used for these ATC's were from local stamp companies.

 I am having a royal battle with blogger this afternoon!! It just won't do what I want it to do! But that aside, we now only have X, Y and Z left and I want to get started on that soon. They only need to be finish by next year February, but what's done is done!

Thank you so much for visiting again. I know I don't have the 'grand' style of a lot of stampers, but I am quite happy with my plain and simple ATC's. Nothing too fancy and also nothing too bulky, these fit snuggly into the ATC sleeves. Hope you like what you see!

I do hope that you will enjoy what is left of the week and that it will be full of great craft things.

Tuesday, 09 November 2010

Another peek into my craft room

Good Morning to all my blogland friends!! Today I am writing here with a happy heart because as I sit here looking out the window, there is puddles and little streams of water all over and the rain is coming down ever so softly. It is so welcome as it was really very dry. In a weeks time everything is going to be green. We had 20mm during the night and by the looks of it we are going to have lots more during the day. Not a ray of sunshine in sight, only heavy dark clouds rumbling every now and then. In the distance I can hear the guinea fowl also being happy that it rained - what a wonderful sound! Isn't it just wonderful how the Lord looks after us and gives us what we need in HIS time, not ours!

Thought I would just give you another sneak peek into my new craft room. No doors on the cupboards yet as DH is just too busy with other things. I am not complaining at all - at least I was able to unpack most of my goodies and I was able to make my set of cards for our stamping groups Christmas card exchange. This is the one corner of the cupboard where all my embellishments, cuttlebug goodies etc. are kept. Once the unit that has to go above my work area has been put up, a lot of these will move into that. It will then just be an arms length away.

This is my workspace. Neat and tidy at the moment - haha! It is probably the last time that it will look like this. The pegboard is still to be fixed to the wall. I love having all of these goodies right in front of me. The wall unit will go up just above this across the length of the wall. The two trolleys under the counter have mostly my wood mounted stamps in and off cause some other have-to-have-close-at-hand goodies.

Once burglar bars and a security gate has been installed, my computer will go in this open space. (Susan, see that box behind the cello-tape? That is my swap ready to be posted to you). The CD racks contain mostly my embroidery machine pattern CD's and also some stamps in CD cases and my Nesties. Still have to make a plan with them at a later stage, as they are standing where my printer must go.

Well friends, that is all from me for today. Unfortunately no crafting for me today - I am off to do some 'farming'. Those of you who live on a farm will know that even when it rains, there are things that needs to be done on a farm. Today it is tending to a batch of sheep that was offloaded for the feedlot yesterday. Vaccinations, tagging, etc.

Hope you will all have a wonderful week filled with everything your heart may desire.

Thanks so much again for visiting!