Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Last post for 2009

A very good day to all!

This will more than likely be my last post for this year. Before I go any further, I would like to wish all my visitors a very happy and wonderful 2010. May your best memories of 2009 be your worst in 2010. May all your dreams come true and may you only experience health, love, wealth and lots of happiness.

At our Stamping and cardmaking retreat in October, Blanche Varrie from Great Impressions taught us how to decorate these canvasses. She had them all prepared for us, we just had to do the stamping and putting them together. I just loved it. It has been quite a while since camp and as I was busy making other things, I never got around to making some more and I also did not have all the necessary supplies. At the beginning of the month I was in the city and were able to get all the things I wanted/needed to make these canvases. I've did not have the faintest idea how to prepare the canvases or the little wooden squares but took the plunge and did it as I thought it should be done.

I also did not have the stamps that Blanche used on the ones we did at camp, but hey, I suppose that is what makes each of us individuals - use whatever you have! You can see what the camp ones looked like on Susan Nel's blog. I also made this dusty pink one. There are lots that I will do differently on the next ones I plan to make, but for now, I am happy with these. Don't you just love the metal flowers! I found them at a bead shop in Bloemfontein for next to nothing.

That's it for today and this year. Hope to be more active in blogging next year, though I think that might be wishfull thinking!

Thanks so much for visiting!!

Thursday, 03 December 2009

Some Quick Christmas Cards

And a warm welcome back to all! It's been some time since I was last on here - been rather busy with this and that.

Today I just have some quick Christmas cards that I made. I had to make 30 'more affordable' cards, and these are what I came up within the short time I had to do them.  The stamp used here is also from a local company - Great Impression.

These were made using some goodies that I bought last year and the only stamping done here is the greetings. All stamps from Great Impressions.

This stamp is from a local lady, Niki Zipp from Paperchain. I love her stamps - they are so nice and deeply edged. Only embossing done here and a couple of pearls on the side.

And that's it for today.

Thanks so much for visiting!

Have a great weekend!