Monday, 07 May 2012

New Unmounted Stamp Storage

A very good Monday morning to all!!

A while ago a fellow stamper and friend, Moz Roberts from ...all things Moz, offered us some clear DVD cases after she saw it on the website of Becca Feeken from Amazing Paper Grace in this post . Becca's post was on storing your dies. When I saw Becca's post I thought these clear DVD cases would work perfectly for my unmounted stamps and ordered some from her. Her service was prompt and my cases arrived all intact.

Guess what I have been doing?! Jip, I've sorted through some of my stamps and transferred them to their new homes. I am so happy with these cases. In the old DVD cases some stamps got damaged :-(( In time, I will get rid of these horrible DVD cases and hopefully have all my stamps stored in these beautiful clear cases. I labeled the cases with Brother labeling tape. I asked Hubby to make me the storage unit for the cases and made sure there are more than enough space for plenty more. He also made me the storage unit for my ink pads & their refills. Now I have everything right at hand.

In the one pic you can see some of the old DVD cases as well as some CD cases that I still have stamps stored in. These will be sorted out at some or other stage. (My dies are stored on a magnetic sheet that has been attached to the inside of a cupboard door and I am rather happy with storing them that way).

Thanks so much for visiting!

Hope you will all have a wonderful week filled with lots of time to craft!

Wednesday, 02 May 2012


Looks like Lady Luck has turned her path towards me for a change!

Earlier today when I checked Facebook, I found this on there:

Yes, that is MY name right at the top! This sure was a wonderful surprise! I played the Egg Hunt with The Wholesaler in the beginning of April and have completely forgotten about it. (There are 5 more hampers to be won - the hunt only ends on the 25th of May). I cannot wait for the hamper to arrive! Some more new goodies to play with. I just hope they include a packet with some Rubber Stamping MOJO as well! I have done some parchment craft, but NO stamping. Bad, very bad!

And a while ago I won a lovely set of Hampton Art stamps from Holley's Blog. This is the stamps I won:
Thanks so much again Holley!! I do not have many bird stamps - these will definitely come in handy.

Just wanted to share my good news with you people.

Enjoy what is left of the week & happy crafting!! Thanks for your visit!