Sunday, 17 October 2010

Craft Room

Whoopiiii!! I have fast internet connection again!! At least now I will be able to visit all the blogs I have missed so much. It is a feast to roam around in blogland now again. To all my friends who so regularly visit my blog and to those who have become new followers - it is much appreciated. I hope to drop by all your blogs soon.

I was also able to start unpacking my craft goodies into my craft room this week. It is not finished yet - the cupboards still needs to be 'dressed', but at least there is shelves that I can put my goodies down on and I have space that I can work on. The finishing won't be done before another week or two as hubby will be busy with other more important things for a while. Another unit that must go above the work space on the one wall still needs to be built as well. But, that is for much, much later. The pics are just to give you a peek of what is going on in my little craft space. Yes it is little, it is only 3 x 3 meters. But, here I can pull the door close at night and carry on in the morning and not have to worry about packing up everything before I go out or off to bed.
 This is a lovely corner unit, nice and deep and with enough space on top for my folder thingies where I actually store my paper, board, etc. in. These cupboards are loose units. They were specifically built like that to be taken with if ever we need to move again. This will be the third craft room that my husband has revamped for me. Two of them I had to leave behind - this one I am taking with! The cupboards will be 'dressed' with white melamine doors and white edging will be put on the shelves.
This is part of my workspace. My trolleys with all my goodies that I need close at hand normally sits under it. I will be working on the area under the window where there is plenty of natural light and the rest of it will probably house my computer and other gadgets.
This is another corner in the room. All my sewing goodies must go in these drawers and my machines will be lined up on top here.

I hope that the next time I am posting, it will be about a card or something crafty that I created. It has now been two months since I have done any crafting.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog! Hope you will have a wonderful week filled with lots and lots of crafting.