Thursday, 05 November 2009

Daisies and a poodle

A very good morning to all.  We had some lovely rain last night and this morning the sun is shining brightly (and very hot already) and everything looks so clean and fresh. Looks like we are going to have a lovely day.

After working on this parchment craft card on and off for about three day, I eventually managed to finish it yesterday afternoon. The daisies are 3D. Not one of the cards I enjoyed doing the most, yet still very satisfying now that it is done.

This Poodle card was done with an extra image that I stamped and colored when I was making the cards for my friend. It is a Micia image and was colored with Tombows. The border was done with a Fiskars punch and I used the glitter technique that Jowilna taught us at camp on the checkered paper. I think the glitter is far too rough/big but it was the only transparent glitter I could find in our little town. I finished it off with some Zoomz for the flower center and on the border.

Okay, that's it for today. I have to get started on my Christmas cards and today seems like the perfect day for it.

Thanks so much for visiting!

Have a wonderful day full of beautiful creations.


  1. OoooooAmanda

    How beautiful!!

  2. I love both of them! The first one looks just like fabric. Do you quilt? If you don't you should start because a lot of your cards remind me of beautiful quilts. I love the color combination on the second card and especialy the way you colored the Poodle.So French! LOL! Thanks for your comment on my blog and for the prayers. I need it!

  3. i like the big glitter!!!


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