Monday, 02 November 2009

Ballerinas and Poodles

Good evening to all!

Well, I had a rather busy afternoon. A friend contacted me at around 15H00 to request two cards for tomorrow morning! They have to be delivered by 09H00! And specific instructions - one has to have something ballerina on it for her granddaughter and the color has to be pink. The other one is for her daughter who is going through a rough patch - no flowers or coffee or people - it must be some kind of animal! Bang! There I lost all my ideas and to top it I don't have any ballerina stamps for the granddaughter's card! What now? Oh well, thank heavens for the internet and freebie clipart! This is what I came up with for the granddaughter.  And can you believe it, I made two! Her name is Abigail - reason for the little 'A' charm on this one. Colored with Tombows with lots of Stickels on the skirt.

The next one I actually just did because I had the image printed and still did not know what I was going to do for the animal card. Again lots of Stickels on the skirt. I suppose this one will go into my stash as I am sure she will prefer the top one.

How wrong could I have been! She preferred this one!

Now the ballerina card is done and the animal one is waiting. Stamped a couple of images and did not like it. They were things like a frog and a mouse and that would just not do the trick for me. Then I remembered about a new Micia stamp I have which I have never used. This was a rather quick one. I hope the poodle with its head held high and the hearts on this one will convey the message.

Will soon enough find out whether my friend like them or not!

Thanks a lot for visiting!

Hope you will all have a very productive week!


  1. Sometimes it's kinda nice if someone gives you specific instructions. But sometimes it leaves you struggling. Well done on this one.

  2. Nicely done Amanda and thanks for your visits. Smiles Sharon

  3. I am really enjoying your blog, you have done a great job!!!


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