Monday, 08 August 2011

Zipper Flowers

A warm hi on this cool Monday morning! Here in the part of South-Africa where we live it feels like summer is on its way. It would be wonderful as this winter was extra cold for us. Having moved from a much warmer area to the cold Freestate, we suffered a bit. But, we are happy where we are and by next year I am sure winter won't worry us one bit any more.

I am still busy with the goodies for our WI conference next year.  This week I will be making zipper flowers which are going to be used as rosettes. Different colors and sizes for first, second & third places. I thoroughly enjoy making these and have made quite a couple of them already. My daughter-in-law also made some which she will be wearing as a broach. This was my first two experiments. I found the idea on Sandy from Keepsake Crafts blog here.  It is super easy to make! Thanks so much for your easy instructions Sandy!

The pink one was a white zipper that I sprayed with various colors of inks. I prefer the metal zipper flower, even though it is a bit heavier than the plastic zipper one.  I will be adding broach pins to all these flowers/rosettes so that the recipients can wear them, if they would like to.

Well, I am off to start measuring and cutting - I have around 50 of these to make. Hope you like what you see and will also give it a try.


  1. These are very different, great to see you back on the blogs . have a good day. x

  2. Hi Amanda,

    Hope it gets warmer sooooon. Love your zipper flowers - such a cool idea. Thanks for sharing the site as well.

    xxx Monica

  3. susan nel17:03

    baie oulik,,ek soek nog my zips,hehe

  4. These are very unusual and something different. At last a use for old zips...LOL
    The winter has been a long one, but today was really lovely. Hope not too many more cold days.


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