Wednesday, 08 June 2011

Paper Shoes

A very warm hi from a very cold South-Africa to all my blog friends! It is winter here, but we are having lots of rain in our summer rainfall area - had 30mm for today and the weather does not seem to be clearing. Other areas has had much more and some of my friends are stuck on their farms because of all the rain they had. The wind is blowing like it normally does around our area in August! That, with the rain - not nice weather!

Told you in a previous post about the paper shoes that a group of us has to make as invitations. Well, here it is! We are making 40 of these. Everything is cut, all the bling is stuck on, the heel part is stuck to the sole - it is now basically just the front part of another 38 that has to be put on. That is the hardest part! The flowers has all got their bit of Stickles on and the little bows I will do in front of the TV tonight and whenever. To attach the flower and the bow is quick. Papers used are from Prima Marketing - Annalee Collection "Ashton" and good old Bazzill. The flowers are from Creative Talents - a South-African craft shop.

After the shoes it is still the table number cards - 20 of them, some thank you cards and then some rosettes which will be used for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place entries at the function. Oh, there's also the certificates that still need to be done as well as the dolled-up envelopes for them. Our theme for the function is Fleur de Shoe. I will show you these as we go along. Luckily we still have time till October for it.

I found the tutorial for the shoe here on the blog of Terri Lynn Heinz of Artful Affirmations. Do take the time to go and look at hers. They are gorgeous!

That's it from me for today. Thank you so much for taking the time again to visit me! It is much appreciated.


  1. Amanda, you have a lovely blog! Your shoes here are really beautiful, and will make great invitations. I really appreciate you linking up to my video as well. Thank you.

  2. Amanda, those shoes are just too gorgeous. I am sure when it is all done your ladies will be so impressed. Very cold here too, with thunder and all as if it were summer. Take care and keep warm

  3. Wuuuw wat een super gave creatie

    gr hetty

  4. Hi Amanda, wow these are gorgeous! Something to brighten up your day I'd guess with the weather you're having in SA.

  5. Hi Amanda,
    My word... 40 shoes and 38 almost done... brilliant!!! Love the soft look of these shoes and the ribbon and flowers look lovely.

    xxx Monica

  6. What beautiful Amanda.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  7. It is so cute and wonderful work you done. Awesome, I visited so many blogs but never seen this much beautiful work any blogs. Really I like it very much.

  8. Easy to create with only two layers. Now a days, this type of material is very famous in market. I also found the tutorial for the shoe on the blog of Terri Lynn Heinz of Artful Affirmations.

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