Monday, 20 September 2010

Blog candy winnings thanks and some other news.

It has been some time since I've posted anything but thanks to VERY bad internet connection (53.6Kbps - yes that bad), I hardly bother to come to see what is going on in blogland. This post will probably take me the best part of an hour to load. I would so love to see what everybody is doing and I know I am missing loads of great work on other peoples blogs.

Also, after moving house exactly three weeks ago, not only our house was turned upside down, but also our lives. Only the lounge is 100% sorted out, every other room still has a box or three standing around. There is just not enough cupboard space for all our stuff, and I have thrown out and given away lots already. And with everything going on, I just don't have the energy to tackle a room and finish it. At the moment I have my darling granddaughter visiting for a couple of days (2 years and 5 months of age). I am sure anybody who had/have a child or grandchild of that age, knows that one don't get much done if you have a little live wire around. Not that I mind, she can stay for keeps too. Later on this week I will be taking her back and then be away to look after my Mom who had a very big operation. Hubby will be staying home to do some work on my craft room and to sort out his work area.

In the meantime, this is what my craft room looks like after three weeks: EVERYTHING STILL IN BOXES!! What you are seeing on these photo's is not even half of it! This is just to give you a glimpse and a giggle. Why oh why do we crafters have to be such hoarders?! Or is it just me? Hopefully by the middle of next month it will be sorted out :-))

Since moving, I have received two lots of blog candy that I won. Thank you so much to Rosemarie for the lovely alphabet set of stamps and also to Holley for the lovely Art Warehouse 'Mother' stamp set. Thank you very much to both of you girls. It is much appreciated and I am sure I will be able to put it to good use (once I have a craft room again).

I hope to be able to blog a bit more regularly once I have a better internet connection. Unfortunately my current contract only expires around the middle of October and I will just have to be patient till then. So, until next time, thanks for stopping by. Hope you will all have a week filled with lots of hours to craft.

Happy crafting!


  1. Congrats, Amanda, on your first post after moving into your new home.

    I am like you - the sitting room is the first room that I tackle when we move...

    Thanks for the peep into your artroom. Those boxes are all too familiar to me.

    Soon you'll get there.

    Wow, second round of congratulations for winning that lovely blog candy.

    I am trying to put together some cards for UK Aid.
    Hope to see you more often.

    xxx Monica

  2. Hi there, I have also been a bit scarce so have not visited for a while.
    Hope you are more settled in your new home.
    Look forward to seeing some cards soon?Once those boxes are unpacked . i hope your Mom is on the mend.

  3. Hi Amanda,

    How are things with you? Any more luck with organizing your craft room?

    Hope your mum is doing better.

    Do visit my blog at your convenience - I have something for you.

    xxx Monica

  4. Amanda,

    Congrats on your winnings!

  5. Wow! That's a LOT of boxes :o)

    Hopefully by the time you get/got back from helping your mother out, your husband had worked wonders in your new house so you could just walk in and enjoy :o)


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